Technologies and innovation in the gas sector have a transformative potential impact on the global energy systems.

  • This analysis quantifies the contribution that gas technologies can make to the success of the global energy transition, helping to build sustainable cities and communities, and to provide access to affordable and clean energy
  • The analysis and modelling completed for this report show that deploying gas technologies to their economic potential can deliver a reduction in GHG emissions of up to 12 GT by 2040. That is equivalent to nearly a third of global energy sector GHG emissions in 2019.
  • While gas technologies cannot address the gap to achieving the Paris Agreement goal in its entirety and other clean tech solutions such as renewable power and energy efficiency will also be essential, the potential for progress is too large to ignore, especially given the ease of implementation from the economic deployment of these technologies.
  • Gas technologies also accelerate the world’s sustainable development agenda, offering a way to improve people’s lives and provide access to clean and modern energy. For example, gas could provide access to clean cooking for 1 billion additional people, reducing the number of people who currently lack this access by more than a third. This would immensely improve human health around the world and reduce premature mortality from lung and heart diseases.
  • As the world plans how to recover from the Covid crisis, it has an opportunity to align to a path toward achieving the needed reductions in air pollutants and emissions, consistent with the Paris Agreement, and to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals. These two critical global commitments will more than ever have to be united, because the poorest and the most vulnerable will suffer the most from the current crisis, as well as from failure meet environmental commitments. The gap on sustainable development is also likely to widen, as a result of the economic downturn from this crisis.
  • The findings presented in this report are urgent and relevant. They demonstrate that there is a huge untapped potential offered by gas technology and innovation, highlighting contribution that a selection of gas technologies can make to meeting the world’s most pressing challenge of restoring growth, while reducing emissions, cleaning up local environments, and supporting fair development.

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