Day 1 update:

The day began with Tim Egan, President and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association and Madam Li Yalan President of the International Gas Union welcomed delegates from over 30 countries. 🌍
The day started with a special thank you to Chief Darcy Dixon and Elder Jackson Wesley for their traditional welcome and blessings to all the delegates before the sessions got underway.

❗ The #Leadership Dialogue on Building an #Innovation Culture, with Tim Egan and Magatte Wade, an advocate for affordable and reliable energy access in Africa, providing a powerful call to the gas industry. This included the desperate need for clean cooking across Africa, with over 3 million dying every year due to dirty air, with propane gas able to provide an immediate solution. Magatte delved into the over #regulation that Africa experiences, preventing business from flourishing – a truly stellar session to start the conference! 👏

🌍 The Global Spotlight Session – Innovation and Security followed providing incredible insight within both the developed and developing world! 🌟
The session was moderated by Chris Wright, CEO of Liberty Energy with speakers Emeka Ene, CEO of Oildata Energy Group, and Professor Brenda Shaffer, energy policy expert.
⭐ The panel explored global #infrastructure #development and the key role of #policy and #financial innovation in shaping global opportunities. Mr Ene highlighted that even with all the gas infrastructure needed to take Africa to net zero by 2050, it would still only 3.5% of total global emissions.
Professor Brenda Shaffer focused public #finance and its avoidance of the hydrocarbon industry. Adding that, refusal to cooperate doesn’t solve the problem as finance will be provided by alternative regions such as China.

✨ The Keynote session was provided by Dr. Bjorn Lomborg. Providing his valuable insights on the industry’s ability to address global challenges. Highlighting that “climate change is not the end of the world, it is a problem and the solution to this problem is #innovation“. It is this innovation within the industry that we are here to discuss at #IGRC2024.

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