Mdm. Li Yalan


P. R. China


Mr. Menelaos Ydreos

Interim Secretary General



Ms. Lesley Coldham

Public Affairs Director

United Kingdom

Email: Tel. +44 20 3889 0148

Mr. Rodney Cox

Flagship Events Director


Email: Tel. +61 403 255 592

Ms. Tatiana Khanberg

Strategic Communications and Membership Director


Email: Tel. +33 6 26 98 45 93

Dr. YANG lei

Chairman of the Coordination Committee

P. R. China

Email: Fax +86-10-62752569, +86-13810387727

Ms. Tang Xuan

Presidency Director

P. R. China

Email: Tel. +86-10-63913209 , +86 -13811899063

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