Our picturesque coastal state of Oman is perhaps best known for its peaceful coexistence with its neighbours. This peace and security extends to buyers of Oman’s gas. We offer access to one of the world’s most important energy corridors. This is a geo-strategic location and has made Oman historically, a hub of world trade. Half of the world’s population can reach the country within just 7-hours. The International Gas Research Conference 2020 (IGRC 2020) Delegates will be welcomed to a beautiful and brand new airport that was opened in March 2018.

Gas is critical to Oman’s economy and a key to funding our diversification. Apart from oil, gas contributes more than any other sector. The advancements that are made in gas research are critical to Oman’s sustainability, especially during the downturn. It is seen as a sustainable saviour.

Today, the Sultanate of Oman is widely recognised as a global leader in enhanced recovery technologies. It is largely thanks to the country’s focus on research. The Omani government has in fact established a first-of-its-kind research institution in the region – a national research council. The research council is backing a number of projects and has recently broken ground on building an innovation park Muscat to help cluster innovative start-ups. Enhanced oil & gas recovery research is the first of the four major pillars of the park. Oman’s educational sector is also focusing its energy on oil & gas research. The Sultan Qaboos University is one of the best in the region, due to its focus on research. It has 7 dedicated research centres. One of the most active research centres at the university is the oil & gas research centre. Despite its recent launch, there are some 50 academic papers already published. There are a number of on-going projects of which some have already impacted the industry.

Hosting IGRC 2020 could significantly help Oman achieve its goal of being a source of knowledge for others by shining a light upon Oman’s technical challenges & achievements such as Oman’s Khazzan gas field, at BP’s largest project in the world.

The ideal venue Oman’s new home for business events, this new purpose-built Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre (OCEC), architecturally advanced in design and capability, will offer a flexible meeting and exhibition space with the very latest in communications and audiovisual support. This world-class venue is built to US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design criteria to meet Oman’s sustainable development vision.

Oman has been welcoming traders to its pristine shores for more than 5,000 years and has a proven track record in handling large-scale events and congresses.

To encourage academia, young professionals & students’ presence, we will invite staff and students from key universities and educational institutions via a special marketing campaign and will include specifically targeted research forums, programs for students and a young professional gathering with specific topics and also a special focus on women.

Backed by Government support at all levels, the collaborative efforts of the entire city will ensure that the conference is a success and the world will benefit from the resulting gas research!

On behalf of Oman LNG and the Government of the Sultanate of Oman, we are honoured and privileged to host IGRC 2020 in Muscat and are delighted to welcome our valued delegates, exhibitors and sponsors.

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