IGU Affiliate Organisations

An organisation/association may become an IGU Affiliate under some conditions.

Since IGU is the only general worldwide organisation within the global gas industry, and in order to optimise organisational work in the gas industry and rationalize and avoid double work, IGU also considers it important to co-operate with and make close connections to other organisations within the gas industry.

Quite often such organisations do not qualify to become a member of IGU, which is why IGU has created the concept: “Organisations affiliated to IGU” (see organisations below).

“Affiliation” is not a formal term in IGU but this expression is used to describe a pragmatic closer working co-operation and rationalisation between IGU and a number of global or regional sector organisations within the gas Industry.

An Organisation/Association being “Affiliated with IGU” should fulfil the following criteria:

  • An independent entity dealing only or primarily with gas
  • A global or regional entity having members in more than one national state
  • An entity, which deals with issues of interest to IGU, which may become either an integrated or separate part of the current IGU work programme

In such cases an agreement may be entered into with IGU, stipulating that the organisation in question is an organisation affiliated with IGU, which entail the following rights and duties for the organisation:

  • It may nominate observers to the IGU Committees
  • It undertakes to participate actively in the programme of IGU as agreed with the IGU Coordination Committee
  • It may as a guest attend the official meetings of the IGU Coordination Committee and the IGU Council, and IGU may send representatives to its committees and annual meetings
  • It will be given space in the IGU Magazine, which they may distribute to all its members on a reciprocal basis.
  • It will be mentioned in the IGU organisational chart and will in own publications refer to themselves as an organisation affiliated to IGU

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