The International Gas Union extends its deepest appreciation to the men and women around the world who, under difficult and extreme circumstances, continue to maintain essential services operational.

The doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, and other hospital staff are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic and our deepest gratitude goes out to all of them.  Help them by helping each other where necessary self-isolating, keeping high hygiene and ensuring social distancing.

We also thank all of the men and women who are keeping our energy systems operational from energy production and transportation to its use to light and heat homes and to producing the life-saving medical supplies and chemicals so critically needed at a time like this.

The natural gas industry strives for a zero-incident safety culture and at this time when across society people are working to comply with health and safety recommendations from the authorities we are applying our own standards even more rigorously to help reduce risks for all.


Prof Joe M. Kang

President, IGU