The IGU notes both the new EU Regulation on methane emissions reduction in the energy sector and the hydrogen and decarbonised gas market package. There is much that we can support, including the long term vision of gaseous molecules helping to deliver the ambitious energy transition goals in the EU.


We commend the EU for taking proactive measures to minimize energy sector methane emissions. As the “Global Voice of Gas”, we support all prudent, effective, cost-efficient & outcome-driven strategies to identify and mitigate methane leakage. The outcome should be: achieve the maximum possible reduction of methane emissions in the shortest possible time.


However, we agree with the conclusions of our colleagues at the IOGP on the new methane regulation ( and argue that one size does not fit all. Any regulation that can be assessed as overly prescriptive, non-functional and not risk based, especially in such a technical industry, is poor regulation.


We call for further dialogue to ensure an optimal outcome; achieving impactful reductions in gas sector methane emissions and maintaining a secure, well-functioning energy market.

  • The least possible methane emissions across the entire value chain that can ensure natural gas today and a portfolio of decarbonised and renewable gases tomorrow maintain their position as the catalyst for & foundation of a more sustainable EU & global energy system, and;


  • Confidence that the necessary short- and long-term investments can be made, which will ensure ongoing security of supply – total electrification is impracticable, and not all power generation can be renewable all the time.




For further information, please contact:


Paddy Blewer, Director of Public Affairs, +447765250857


Tatiana Khanberg,  Senior Manager Public Affairs, +7 9296973915


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