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The Social and Economic Value Creation of Gas Molecules in the Energy Transition


More than 70 energy, finance and government representatives shared opportunities and challenges for gas in Latin America and the Caribbean, contributing to the first “Stakeholder Dialogue”, held in Rio de Janeiro on 13th and 14th September.


The Stakeholder Dialogue was a two-day, invitation only, event held under the Chatham House rule, which brought together policy makers, regulators, the gas industry, and financial institutions in an open discussion about the social and economic value creation of gas in Latin America and the Caribbean.  The first day explored expected new policies and regulations related to the energy transition and on the role of gas molecules in the context of Nationally Determined Contributions and in the run up to COP27.  The second day, focused on opportunities and challenges of investment and trading in the region, looking at how natural gas today and a portfolio of low carbon gases in the future will play a relevant role in supporting economic growth while enhancing the decarbonization of the economy.


The dialogue helped to facilitate a common understanding of what natural gas means for Latin America and the Caribbean, especially considering the vast availability of resources in the region, in promoting an equitable socio-economic access for the population; the potential for improving investment framework conditions and fostering greater regional integration; and the importance of promoting innovation considering the gas sector’s clear commitment to enhancing green gas opportunities and CCUS projects and supporting energy transition paths.


Participants also welcomed the announcement of the preparation of a Gas White Paper, which will incorporate the main findings and feedbacks from stakeholders at the event, and will serve as a valuable tool to bring a regional perspective to international discussions.


The meeting was organized by ARPEL, CAF, OLADE and IGU with the support of IBP.  For more information on the event, please contact Marta Gonzalez marta.gonzalez@igu.org


Region of Latin America and the Caribbean

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